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ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator

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ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator

Not often do we get to show software tutorials. Well, we have treat today with a very simple ShrinkTheWeb ajax thumbnail generator. ShrinkTheWeb is a popular thumbnail generator service that allows users to generate a thumbnail of any website in various sizes. There has been a few code examples available but nothing done with ajax or doesn’t require a page refresh.

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Below is a snapshot of the code used. It is stripped down to the basic function (No CSS or styling).

ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator Code Used

Use this code to quickly and easily generate thumbnails using ShrinkTheWeb’s API. Just simply replace a view variables in the code and you are all set to go. Make sure you create an account at ShrinkTheWeb to get your Access Key ID. You will need this in order for the script to work.

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One Response to “ShrinkTheWeb Ajax Thumbnail Generator”
  1. Joe says:

    There is a newer company that generates screenshots of web pages called Web Shrinker. They also have cool ajax loading for images that are being created and seem more reliable overall. Your code would work with that service with only a few changes.


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