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Paypal Not Listening

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Paypal Not Listening
This is a little off topic, but I wanted to share a funny story about how Paypal doesn’t listen. About two weeks ago an old email address of mine was hacked and the person got access to an old site of mine that sells an ebook. I was using Paypal as the payment method. Luckily after this happened I got an email from Paypal on how to reset my password I knew something was up. So I logged in and was scanning through the files when I noticed they changed the payment email address to their own email. After this happens I changed the password and contacted Paypal with the email address and information about what happened. So now its two weeks later and the hacker got into my old Paypal account and tries to send money to himself. Long and behold, its the same email they used before. Obviously Paypal ignored my emails and let this hacker keep stealing peoples money.

The hacker was a bit smart, even though I changed the password I forgot to check my settings. They had all my email forwarded to their email.

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