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New Business Concept for Niche Website

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New Business Concept for Niche Website
Ok, this concept isn’t new but it isn’t used to often in the affiliate world as it should be. Most new affiliates try to make their fortune on someone else’s idea. The truth is this only really worked for the person who came up with this idea. The “new” concept I want to talk about is about creating a niche for a problem with something.

Finding a solution to a problem is one of the best niches to work with. First of all, it is something that needs to be solved and you know others are looking for a solution. For example, there are a lot of travel sites on the web but not one that caters to large families of over 5 people. Most hotel bookings are based on 2-4 occupancies. This niche (problem) is great for large families.

The great thing is, there are hundreds of problems that need solutions. Its up to you to find a solution and cash in!

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