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Merchants Scamming Affiliates at Shareasale

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I am not sure if most affiliates are aware that some merchants are scamming affiliates by changing the payout of their commission to 0%. This allows them to remain active on Shareasale so the affiliate links still work. This is a new low for merchants. If an affiliate puts in hard work and time he should get paid for it. By still being active on Shareasale this allows the affiliate links to keep working. If the merchants links weren’t working the affiliate would see “The link is not currently active” (below)

Merchants Scamming Affiliates at Shareasale

Sadly, most affiliates miss the email about the commission change.

This is an automated notification regarding a commission change for the MERCHANT ShareASale Affiliate Program.
This merchant has made a change to their default commission rate.

Previous Per Sale Commission: 30.00%
New Per Sale Commission: 0.00%

If you see this happening to you, I suggest you email Shareasale and have them fix this asap. Hopefully Shareasale will fix this “bug” in their system.

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