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Affiliate Managers Lacking

April 19, 2010 by · Leave a Comment 

One of the biggest things that upset me with CPA networks is that if there is a great campaign that is new and you want to be the first to promote it and its by approval only then your out of luck.

Recently I came across one of those “Golden” campaigns that you know will perform very well, especially since you have the niche website already up and running. But then you notice it’s by approval only. Some networks I would apply and have to wait three days before I called them up and asked to be approved. By then the “new effect” is gone and the campaign is already out there.

The first twenty-four hours are very crucial for some campaigns. The first to jump on it does the best.

Sadly, I have given up on so many affiliate networks because of this. Affiliate Managers, it only takes two seconds to approve an affiliate.

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